Introducing the Subliminal Fractal DVD


"How to boost your self-esteem and change your life forever and free your mind from limiting subconscious programming!"

For the first time ever the mind tool that combines multi-level subliminal programming with a fractal animation and hypnotic suggestions gently guided by isochronic tones.


This is the first step in opening your mind to all the possibilities. Feeling good about yourself is the most important part of successful and fulfilling life.

Low self-esteem in most cases roots from our childhood - it may stem from:

  • unfair criticism

  • being yelled at

  • being ignored, teased or ridiculed 

  • expectations to be "perfect" all the time, etc.

    This can lead to anxiety, stress and depression, it can cause problems with friendships and relationships and cause under-achievement and increased vulnerability to substance abuse.

    Having a positive self-image creates a strong base for success in many areas of life and acts like a catalyzer for positive changes.

The "Reach For The Stars" Step One Subliminal Fractal DVD can help you erase the negative programming and replace it with positive, life changing habits, boost your self-image and self worth.

You won't have to rely on other people's opinion to feel good about yourself, you won't tremble with fear when facing problems.

Just by watching the delightful shapes and colors of fractal animations and listening to hypnotic guidance and subliminal messages you will start boosting your self-esteem effortlessly.


What are fractals? They are a complex mathematical formulas base on a Phi Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence and show a natural evolutionary progression where each stage refers to the previous state in order to take the next evolutionary step.

They are found in Nature where they display their self-similar structure, like a leaf of fern, sunflower head, clouds, snowflakes, broccoli or the DNA structure.
They can affect us on a cellular and multi-dimensional level as an expression of Universal Energy.


The fractal sequences were artistically created by David Makin, please check his wonderful work at Fractal Gallery

What you get on the DVD:

  • verbal hypnotic guidance and programming

  • subliminal suggestions on 3 levels:
    -high frequency super-liminal
    -below threshold sub-liminal
    -motivational images and positive suggestions embedded in fractal video

  • gentle vibration of isochronic tones to entrain your brain waves

  • moody background music with the sounds of falling rain

The DVD is split into two sections:

1. 15 minutes of subliminal fractal animations with a verbal hypnotic guidance

2. 30 minutes of subliminal fractal animations with 2-layered subliminal music

Just wanted to let you know that "Reaching For The Stars" is fantastic...much more than I could ever anticipate it to be!

I'll be honest.  I know nothing about fractals, and would like more information in this regard. I was, and still am mesmerized by the brilliant colors, and the breathing spirals that are constantly emerging into even more spellbinding beauty. I have always had a great deal of "mindtalk", and have never mastered quietening my mind until this DVD. By the third day I have noticed positive differences.

I can meditate now without that hyper, constant chatter flooding my mind. Without the DVD I can find that stillpoint that has been evading me for decades! Now, when I watch the fractal portion I cannot keep my eyes open ...I feel so relaxed from the first part that I'm drowsy, and have difficulty keeping my eyes open for part II. Is this result uncommon? Will I receive any benefit from fractal movie if my eyes are closed, and listen to the music, and place awareness on breathing? I think that maybe I moved to far into the relaxation stuff...I could use your input on how I should continue? Is there a followup DVD coming?

Chris, I never thought that I could be hypnotized...geez...what a miracle that I'm responding to this DVD!

Thanks so much Chris for creating this DVD...Now, just by looking, listening and breathing we can positively change our lives, and humanity for the better. Wow, just keep the good stuff coming!

Dale McGarry Colonia, North-Carolina


Click on the fractal picture below to see a low resolution small fragment of fractal animation. Of course the animation on the DVD is in full resolution, full screen and rendered at 30 frames per second.


For only $97.00 $45.00 Customer and Subscriber Special you will receive "Reach For The Stars" Step One Subliminal Fractal DVD and you will be able to conquer low self-esteem, high levels of anxiety or stress, inability to think positively, perceived lack of self-worth and depression and create life of happiness, self-reliance, build up your courage and improve your relationships.

Like with all our products - we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, but once you really give it an honest try - you will wonder how much the quality of your life improved.

Our dvd is recorded for the NTSC standard, so if you live in a country that uses PAL system -  it will play on your computer, but it won't play on your dvd player unless your player supports it.

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Chris Gozdzik

P.S. What do you have to lose...
Or more importantly, what do you have to gain?

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This could be the best investment you make in the most important thing in your life - YOU.

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